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What Lies Beneath is out today

Here’s a story for you.

Earlier I reached out to subscribers of my newsletter (feel free to join up under the “Contact” tab, dear reader). The box says something like “I’ll email you once a month,” but here’s the truth: once a month is not the frequency with which I’ve been sending out messages.

In fact, I’ve never sent one out…

…until this morning.

Finally, I felt like I had some really good news to share. I wrote the message, then tried out a few headlines. Most didn’t do much for me. Then I scribbled down a line that made me sit up and take notice.

At last, the wait is over.

Boy, I felt those six words down in the tips of my toes. For context, my previous book Last Girl Gone came out in 2018. I wrote most of that one before I had children, and now somehow they’re five years old. And it sure doesn’t help that I made a lot of embarrassing pronouncements to my publisher about how long it would take me to write a sequel.

Six months, no sweat.

I’m the fastest gun in the west.

Ouch. All that to say, this has been a long time coming. If you’re one of those readers who’s been waiting patiently and faithfully for the past five years for the next installment of the Laura Chambers mysteries, then I owe you a huge thank you. And I owe you a beer. And I owe you a promise that I’ll try to be faster next time. Fingers crossed.

I kicked off the book tour last night at Purple Crow Books in Hillsborough, North Carolina–right in the very place this book is set–and I’m happy to report it was a standing room only crowd. What a way to start.

Find your copy What Lies Beneath here.


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